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Lick Entertainment is your one-stop site for all of our events happening all across Australia. Here is where you will be kept in the know about what’s to come in the events scene. Our team are constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas and always busy scoping out new venues and ideas, delivering only the best in events for us girls.




Lick Entertainment is Australia’s leader in events for the lesbian and bisexual community. Born in 2009, Lick Entertainment produces a handful of unique and exciting events that the country has been asking for many years. We’ve set the standards high and are the pioneers revolutionizing the events scene of our communities all around Australia, making progress in bridging that gap between other lesbian & bisexual communities overseas. 


Lick Entertainment is named after our biggest event, LICK. It’s is also the country’s biggest and most popular event and the only all-girls event that runs in three of our major cities, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with soon to launch in Perth, Western Australia in early 2013.


Lick’s Melbourne event has reached capacities of over 1100 girls, breaking records and setting standards within our events scene resulting in us having to limited numbers and putting a cap on ticket sales. 


Our team includes young, creative and talented people with over 10 years experience in the Film, Television, Photography, Events and Entertainment industry. We’ve combined our vast skills, experience, knowledge and valued networks from all around the country into making quality events.


In October 2011, Lick Entertainment created history by exclusively signing Juicy Club LA, Whitney Mixter and Sara Bettencourt, the two most popular TV personalities from US Showtime’s lesbian reality TV series, The Real L Word and toured them along the eastern seaboard of Australia. With sold-out events Whitney, Sara and the Juicy Club LA girls will be back in late-2012 due to popular demand.


Stay in touch and check back often to keep up to date with all of the best events happening in a city near you!


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